I'm A Tenant

At North Sydney Real Estate, we treat everyone the same.

Tenants often become owners and landlords themselves,

so we endeavour to look after our tenants

through their entire property journey.



Rent is due on the 1st of each month and for the full calendar month. The monthly rent is calculated by the following method. Weekly rent is divided by 7 days, daily rent is then multiplied by 365 days and the yearly rent is divided by 12 months.


For Example: $500 per week, divide by 7 days, x 365 days and divide by 12 months = $2173 per month.

Moving In


“Prior to moving into your new home, you will be required you to sign the lease, bond form and all the necessary paperwork and you will also be required to pay 4 x weeks bond and an advance rent payment. This will be discussed with you prior to handing over the keys and taking possession.”

You will also need and want to connect the utility services such as electricity, gas if provided, internet, pay TV and so on. We can help you facilitate this and will do so, upon signing of your lease.



Property Maintenance


Our tenants comfort and enjoyment of their property is of the utmost importance.

If anything needs repairing or there are issues within the property you would like to discuss, please contact the office on 02 9908 4511  or submit through our maintenance request form at the bottom of the page.


Ending a tenancy

At the end of the fixed term

If you want to end your tenancy when the fixed term period of the agreement is due to run out, you will need to give at least 14 days’ notice. This notice can be given up to and including the last day of the fixed term.


After the fixed term

If you want to end your tenancy after the fixed term has ended (and you have not signed another agreement), you will need to give at least 21 days’ notice. This notice can be given at any time and does not have to line up with the rent payment cycle. You must pay the rent up to and including the day your notice ends and you vacate.

Breaking a lease

You and the landlord can agree to include a break fee clause in the additional terms of your tenancy agreement. The break fee is a penalty you agree to pay if you move out before the end of the fixed term.

The fees are as follows:

  • 6 weeks rent if you move out in the first half of the fixed term
  • 4 weeks rent if you move out in the second half of the fixed term. If the fixed term is for more than 3 years and you and the landlord agree to include a break fee clause, you can agree on the amount and write it into the agreement.

Where there is a break fee in your agreement that is all you have to pay if you move out early. However, if the landlord or agent find a new tenant quickly it does not mean that you will get any of the break fee back. It is a fixed fee.

Tenant Maintenance Request

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Please, provide as much details as possible.

I'm A Landlord

NSRE manages over 350 properties across Sydney

and it is a key part to our successful business.

Being entrusted to manage your most precious asset

is a responsibility we take very seriously and

we endeavour to look after your property as if its our own.



Rent is disbursed electronically on the 15th of each month to your nominated account, unless the 15th is on a weekend or public holiday, where it will be disbursed on the next available business day. You will receive a statement shortly after, generally via email with the monthly breakdown and you will also receive a comprehensive report at the end of the financial year, with all the years activities.

Rent reviews are carried out at least twice a year and always with your consideration. We develop strategies in consideration of your needs and the tenancy, whilst constantly monitoring market conditions. Rents are generally paid by your tenant in calendar monthly instalments.


We ensure your property is well maintained and that tenant requests and maintenance issues are taken care of quickly, without fuss and with as little action and input from you as is necessary.

There is no one in the office that hasn’t ducked into a property to change a lightbulb. Our handiness is your gain!

We believe that being proactive in regards to issues and repairs is in everyone’s best interest.

Selecting tenants

Qualifications aren’t everything.

Whilst we ensure that we vet potential tenants scrupulously, we also use our people experience to ensure that the tenant is the best match for your property, so that both of you can enjoy a smooth and hassle free agreement.



Inspections are carried out at regular intervals and any issues reported immediately.

These inspections are essential to ensure that your property is being maintained to an acceptable standard and to identify any maintenance that may be required.

Copies of these reports are readily available at your request.

Property Management Request

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